The Purity Conference; Is like no other church conferences or camps. It's one of a kind, in that the topics presented at this conference and the type of speakers and presenters are unique.

Examples of Topics are;

Breaking the chains of Pornographic / Dealing with peer pressure / Staying clear from drug & substance addition

Dangers of illegitimate sex / Dealing with Rejection / Dangers of the social media & impact on your soul,

My soul & my purity / Purely Stylish -Dressing Modest but Stylish / 'Think' Before you 'Ink' (Staying away from Tattoos & marks on your Body) etc.


Participants/Parents Testimonials ......

"Good night Sis. Nyarko I didn’t get to tell you everything that I wanted to tell you on Sunday night so here goes: Words cannot being to describe how grateful I am that God sent someone like you in my life or that God allowed me to experience this conference. Year after year I’m left in awe at what God does at each conference. It has truly been a life changing experience and for the past three years my life has never been the same. There are things that I have learned, things that I have seen, and things that I have heard that has completely shifted my outlook on life and has made me a better Christian. The tools that I have learned, the testimonies I have heard has helped me to overcome obstacles that I have struggled with. But I want to give a special thank you . Your prayer, your fasting, your weeping before God, your labor, everything you have done for the kingdom of God and for the young people is because of your unconditional love for God. You are compassionate, loving, and a God-fearing woman. You are an inspiration to me everyday and I pray that God will continue to use as a vessel and keep you. Thank you for investing in us and believing in us as young people. I know that this is just the beginning of Generation P. Thank you again Sis. Nyarko. With love and sincerity."

  • 17 yrs old Female Participant from UAC

"Hello sis Joan, - Thanks for the positive impact you and your family have made on daughter. She has thoroughly enjoyed the three Purity Conferences she was able to attend. God bless."

  • Parent of Female Participant from ORAC.

"Dear Sister Nyarko, I must say that I have noticed a change in my grand-daughter since she returned from the purity conference and I know without a doubt that something must have happened to her. Thank you so much for the impact you are making in the lives of these young people through the purity conference."

  • Guardian of Female/Teen Participant.