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The Blood of the Lamb, is a read that you will never forget. Your spirit will exult and rejoice as you connect with the fresh insights and glorious truths presented by Dr. Nyarko. Your soul will spontaneously be elevated to the high ground of praise and worship as you are reminded of what The Blood of The Lamb has done for you personally.
Rev. Robert E. Henson - Bishop of South Flint Tabernacle, Flint, Michigan

Dr. Nyarko’s book on “The Blood of Lamb” will bless you immensely. Brilliant! Timely! Relevant!. It is through The Blood of the Lamb that one overcomes the world, the self, and the devil. Read it and apply it’s principles to strengthen your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ
Margaret Banks - Independent Certified Coach, Trainer & Speaker with The John Maxwell Team, White Plains, New York

“The Blood of The Lamb,” written By Dr. Victor Nyarko is Revelatory, inspiring, biblically sound and will forever transform the mind of its readers. Your life will never be the same after reading and applying the biblical truths illuminated within.
Kemoah R. Wray - Pastor, Faith Apostolic Ministries, Poughkeepsie, New York

What an honor to express my thoughts about Dr. Victor Nyarko’s new book ANTIDOTE, dealing with how the blood of the lamb of God goes to work for the sins of humanity. How I appreciate Dr. Nyarko for bringing the body of Christ to the awareness of the most powerful antidote that ever exist in the history of humanity. The unique passion to put in print the divine principles that the Lord has entrusted him with, is most appreciated by the expanding readership of his books. Every book Dr. Victor Nyarko has written is a goldmine for Bible teachers. You will find an invaluable spiritual nugget in each book that you digest, which will enhance your Bible knowledge and inspire you. The simple but profound message of this book concerning the blood of lamb, must be told from the mountain top.
Rev. Ron Guidroz - Former Pastor, Evangelist & Conference Speaker, Galveston, Texas.



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